About BlueSide

Our Mission

We have created Blueside-Home, the meeting site for discerning travelers and homeowners to offer the best vacation rental experience possible.

To create magic, we select the most beautiful houses and connect travelers and homeowners who share the same affinities.


make your vacation

your most beautiful adventure


transform your rental

into a beautiful story

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Our Difference

More than beautiful homes in remarkable locations...

We offer exceptional life experiences.

Whatever your tastes and desires, craving for authenticity,

luxury or adventure, we provoke the right encounters, those that will make your holidays unforgettable.

Our Commitments

Listen to You

Offer You an Experience

of Unique Service.

Cultivate Our Attention to Detail

Because Small Attentions

Make the Difference.

Respond to Your Every Desire

We Adapt to Your


A Caring Community.
Select the Exceptional

We Choose the Finest


Our Services

Impeccable selection... Beyond well-designed... Beyond well-designed, elegant decoration, and quality equipment, the beautiful homes in our Blueside-Home selection must all have that certain something that makes them unique. It may be an exceptional viewpoint, a famous story, a privileged location, or a singular charm... it is in any case a remarkable place. It's up to you to practice conviviality as you like it!

Our Team

We are more than 50 people in France and Europe dedicated to ensuring your well-being and happiness on vacation. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Jovanovic Natacha

Founder and CEO

Sanja Jerinić

Customer Service Manager

Juba Nait Abdessalam

Chief Technology Officer