A family tour of Europe

A family tour of Europe
Do you dream of taking a vacation with your children? So for a city trip of a few days or a long family vacation, why not let yourself be tempted by a trip a few hours from home? But now, with no less than 27 member countries of the European Union, you do not know which destination to choose to satisfy your loved ones. To help you, here is our selection of 8 countries or cities to discover Europe with your family.

1 - Portugal

If you are staying in the Portuguese capital, you can stroll through the streets of the city or even better visit by tram. Indeed, it is the number 1 activity to do when you are in Lisbon with your family. Also to try with your children: eat in a restaurant from Cacilhas to Cais do Sudre. Why ? Because you have to take the ferry to get there and if you go there around 7 p.m., you will have the pleasure of enjoying a magnificent sunset. It's both fun and magical, so it would be a shame to miss it!

And of course, let your dear darlings taste the essential pastry in Portugal: the Pasteis de Nata. Sure they will enjoy, and you too...

2 - Greece

To discover Europe as a family, why not opt for Greece, the cradle of Europe? This trip will be a well of knowledge for your children. Each place has a story that transports you to mythology or to the Orthodox tradition, a very widespread religion in Greece. Head to Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world. Do not miss the Acropolis, the National Garden of Athens, the colorful district of Plaka or the Changing of the Guard in Syntagma Square.
Don't miss the incredible monasteries of Meteora. These architectural feats are simply spectacular. This site has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, and for good reason: these Orthodox Christian monasteries are perched on rocky peaks, hundreds of meters high. The decor is just amazing.
Finally, Greece is the ideal country to tour the archaeological sites. You won't be able to visit them all, but if you had to do just a few go to Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae. These millennial places are the jewels of our history. We advise you to take a guide to better appreciate your visits.

3 - Paris

There is so much to do in Paris with children, that it would take weeks to discover everything!
Of course, there are the famous monuments, architectural feats, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum or Notre-Dame de Paris, but that's not all! For history buffs, the Palace of Versailles is the place to go. You will know about the monarchy and the splendours of the Sun King. Do not miss the visit of the French gardens of Le Nôtre, personal gardener of King Louis XIV. Moreover, why not take advantage of your escapade in the city of lovers, to take a family outing on the Seine, aboard a Bateau-mouche?
The Grévin Museum is an essential visit for a successful family stay. Young and old alike will be amazed to see their favorite stars, some imitations are stunning!
Finally, the activity that will be the most successful will undoubtedly be the famous Disneyland Paris park. Plan at least one day to do all the attractions, because the wait is sometimes long...

4 - Croatia

The Croatian coasts will delight your offspring! Although most of the beaches are covered with pebbles, you will find many coves with crystal clear waters. The children will be able to devote themselves with joy to the nautical activities.
Another amazing activity to do with your children in Croatia is to board a ferry in Rijeka, to discover the islands that line the coast, all the way to Dubrovnik. You will start with the city of Rijeka, with its Austrian charm, then you will pass through Split, very rich in history or Korcula, famous for its red roofs and its emerald sea.
Finally, if you can, also make a stop in Mjlet: try canoeing on the lake of the natural park and enjoy the only sandy beaches in Croatia!

5 - Luxembourg

During your stay in Luxembourg and more specifically in Diekirch, make a detour to the National Museum of Military History. The visit is very instructive: photos, military objects and war vehicles. Fun and educational activities are offered to children to teach them history while having fun!

On the nature side, go to the Mullerthal Trail, in the region called Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. You will find many hikes to do there. You will zigzag through the rocks, take narrow passages and stairs carved into the stone. On your way you will come across beautiful waterfalls and many plant species.
If you want to make your family happy, bring them to the Kids Playground at Monterey Park. It is a fantastic area equipped for children with a giant slide, pirate ship and water games to cool off.

6 - Barcelona

To soak up the Catalan atmosphere, take a walk on the ramblas. Dozens of street vendors rub shoulders for more than a kilometer. You can buy souvenirs, eat and enjoy street entertainment.
The Sagrada Familia is a must-see monument in Barcelona. The basilica begun in 1882 by Gaudi (and which has not yet been completed!) is a real architectural feat. If you want to visit the interior of the building, book your tickets in advance, this will save you from waiting too long with the children.
Also take the cable car at Torre Sant Sebastià, to go up to Montjuïc. You will enjoy a magnificent view of the city. Discover the Mirò foundation, the castle, or even the Olympic park. And in the evening, marvel at the Magic Fountains of Barcelona, a splendid sound and light show.
Finally, don't leave Barcelona without going to the Mount Tibidabo amusement park (which is the highest peak in Barcelona). Your kids will love it! Be careful though, the attractions are reserved for children over 6 years old.

7 - The Greek Islands

Do you want to go to the Mediterranean islands with your children? Why not opt for Mykonos, in the Cyclades or Cyprus, the easternmost Mediterranean island?
In Mykonos, visit Little Venice, with its pretty alleys, restaurants and typical cafes by the sea. Take the time to admire the splendid view of the coast, while enjoying a local dish. Also enjoy the beaches, each as beautiful as the next: Fokos Beach, Elia Beach, Ornos Beach, Lia Beach, and many more!
Cyprus, also nicknamed Aphrodite Island (named after the goddess of beauty) will satisfy you on many points. You can visit Christian monuments (the Kikos monastery, located on the slopes of Mount Olympus), as well as Muslim places of worship (the Hala Sultan Tekké Mosque in Larnaca being the best known). This will allow your offspring to discover different cultures. Finally, for a unique family moment, opt for a glass-bottom boat trip. This will take you to the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and the Amorosa Fountain.

8 - Italy

Italy is a country worth a visit if you decide to discover Europe with your family. You can read the full article dedicated to traveling to Italy with your children, here .

There is so much to discover in Europe that it would take pages to list everything. Many destinations will allow you to enjoy the beach, go hiking, or even be cultivated while having fun with your children. Find on Blueside-Home the high-end accommodation that will allow you to have a wonderful stay. So what are you waiting for to discover Europe with your family?