The Dolce Vita in Croatia

The Dolce Vita in Croatia

Where the mountain meets the sea, between the azure of the sky and the cobalt blue of the clear waters stretches the bay of Kvarner. Formerly a major resort for the Austro-Hungarian nobility, today it is the temple of travelers in search of pure beauty and authentic contact with nature. The perfect place to unwind!

A paradise found

Here , on the heights of Medveja, a little away from the hustle and bustle of Rijeka and Opatija, the two big cities of Lojan, enjoy an ideal view of the splendid bay of Kvarner. In front of you the golden island of Krk, the largest island in Croatia named for the brilliance of its light; on your right Cres, the beautiful wild and almost deserted; in the distance the archipelago unfolds its string of shimmering islands, Prvić the tiny one, Lošinj that of vitality… Rab the royal one. Behind you stretch the green forests of the Učka Nature Park. It is easily reached by hiking trails. Be careful though, you might come across bears!

A climate blessed by the gods

Sheltered by high mountains, the Gulf of Kvarner seduces with the mildness of its Mediterranean climate. The air quality is remarkable thanks to the extraordinary variety of island plants, more than 1200 including 230 and some medicinal species. And then there is the wealth of fauna and flora of the crystal clear sea, the dolphins and the microclimate with subtropical influences of Lošinj… And also the sun which shines for more than 2660 hours every year, that is an average of 7 hours every day! And the iodized scents of the sea air, the lavender fields, the delicious flower honey… So many assets that have made the success of the prestigious seaside resorts of Mali and Veli Lošinj since 1892.

Two gourmet restaurants

Istria attracts gourmets from all over the world for the richness of its culinary tradition. Precisely, two of the best addresses are near the house. About ten kilometers away, the restaurant of the host Draga di Lovrana , 1 star in the Michelin guide, is worth the detour. “The chef relies on local products in balanced and high quality recipes, giving rise to modern, imaginative and memorable dishes. Superb location, with a view of the terrace from the room” recommends the famous red guide. Or, just 7 km away , the Villa Auriston restaurant located in one of the most beautiful 19th century residences in Opatija awaits you. Also selected by the little red book of gastronomy, but without a star, it promises you "an unmissable gastronomic stopover" and a young chef Miro Šobot who "skillfully perpetuates this balance between tradition, classic flavors and creative touches which has built the reputation of the restaurant ". Do not hesitate, treat yourself by reserving your table at both places.

A mini cruise on the Adriatic

Take a few days to sail from island to island and criss-cross the transparent waters of Kvarner Bay. Rent a small sailboat and the services of a skipper if you don't have a boat license, or take the ferries or taxi boats that connect the islands to the mainland and between them. You can also get to the island of Krk by road, since a bridge connects it to the land and from there go from island to island by boat. Don't miss the island of Rab, the jewel of Kvarner Bay. Small wild coves, fine golden sand beaches (very rare in Croatia!), shady oak forests, and a very beautiful medieval town with its churches, monastery and cathedral built in the 9th century: every aspect of this island is enchanting . Do not resist the feeling of joy that rises in you. He has always belonged to this magical place. Indeed, already in antiquity, the Romans nicknamed the island Félix Arba, Rab the blessed… Above all, do not leave the island without having bathed at the beach of Pudarica, certainly the most beautiful of all the island. Due to its size of course, but also for its gentle slope and its ideal depth for swimming.

And so much more if affinities….

If, for example, you like golf, you are just an hour's drive from a fabulous 100% green course in the heart of the nature reserve of the island of Brïjuni. An absolutely fantastic golfing experience! Here you drive on a course without pesticides, nor drainage or irrigation systems, in the middle of deer, rabbits and peacocks... But maybe you are a fan of trekking? So enjoy yourself. Explore green Istria, a wild and preserved paradise where truffles and olive oil are the main productions. Discover the vineyards in the Oprtalj region, hunt truffles in the oak forests, follow the hiking trails of Učka, the only mountain in the Dinaric Alps massif. Try climbing the Poklon pass, all the coastal paths will take you there in two or three hours on foot… You see, the area known as Croatian Tuscany has not finished marveling you.