Happy like a fish to water in Biarritz

Happy like a fish to water in Biarritz
Hoist the mainsail along the wild coast, catch the wave on Biarritz's Grande Plage or learn to sail. Some people play pelota at Jaï Ala&icir, while others just laze around in front of the ocean, nothing could be easier when you choose the right home port for your holidays.

Finding the perfect place 

Going on holiday with friends or family is great. Choosing the perfect place that will make everyone happy is more complicated, sometimes even a real dilemma. On the one hand, there are the sportsmen and women who only dream of extremes and adventure, and on the other hand, the contemplative ones who live in the clouds and like more than anything else to bask in the sun or go window shopping. Between the two, there are sometimes children who need a different rhythm of life... How to reconcile the desires of both without sacrificing the well-being of some?  It's a bit like trying to square the circle, there is no solution. Fortunately, having a wonderful holiday is not a question of mathematics.

Get the right address

You can search on seasonal rental platforms, having previously spent days and days finding the region that meets the specifications of your holiday, only to unfortunately discover that, no really, at Monlieudevacances Ideal there are no beautiful houses. For rent. Shame. Or you contact Blueside-Home. Our personalized matchmaking program is precisely configured to select the most beautiful vacation rentals according to your preferences. Are you looking to surpass yourself, to measure yourself against the elements? Do you want to discover the soul of a region? Do you want to slow down, live closer to nature? But maybe you also want us to take care of you? Ask what you want. Blueside-Home presents you the ideal house where to spend the holidays of your dreams.


Here at the Villa de la Petite Chambre d'Amour , named after the eponymous beach just a stone's throw away, you have everything to be happy. The ocean is a hundred meters away, it's perfect for children. Biarritz is full of surfing, kite surfing and sailing clubs and schools: budding adventurers are kings! Beginners or experienced, there is enough to satisfy the craziest desires for exploits. Do you prefer to immerse yourself in the local culture by learning Basque pelota? Sign up for a course, theJai Alai is not far away. Lovers of strolls by the sea at sunset are in paradise, the beaches follow one another over more than 4 kilometres. As for convinced city dwellers, Biarritz is their territory. The chic and elegant seaside resort of the end of the 19th century, where the fine flower of good society met, now attracts surfers from all over the world with, in their wake, talented young chefs. The gourmet and sporty city sees gastronomic bistros flourish around the best spots. Here, in the swag capital of the wave, everyone lives as they please.


Meet all together

That's the magic of a big, beautiful house. 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Large enough to preserve everyone's privacy and, as warm as it should be, to encourage the sharing of privileged moments. Confidences exchanged while preparing meals; animated stories of the day's exploits over a drink on the terrace; the cries of joy from the winners of the croquet tournament organized in the garden; the splashes and splashes of midnight baths in the swimming pool, … Everyone is stocking up on happy memories for the following year.

Live an unforgettable holiday

A beautiful holiday home, an ideal location for everyone to indulge in their favorite activities, the whole tribe together: all the conditions are met. Well almost ! You may wish to benefit from additional services. Transport to the station or elsewhere; a guided tour in the region; catering ; a hairdresser, a massage or home care: thanks to our partner concierge service, your wishes are granted. Here you have all the cards for a fabulous holiday. Now it's up to you to invent the happiness that goes with it.